Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm alive!

I've just been super busy with Christmas stuff.

I finished off the merino/tencel:

(click through for a super huge version that I am currently using as my desktop wallpaper)

30/70 merino/tencel from stony mountain fibers
It came out to about light fingering-ish, 520 yards, 4 oz.

Im planning a pretty lacy scarf, but it will be for me, so it will have to wait until after the Christmas crafting is done.

Example: my mother's mittens.
You may remember I posted a picture of the bats last time
The bats became this:
(this was my desktop for a while as well)

Which became this:
(also makes a nice desktop)

166 yards, worsted-ish, 4 oz.

I've cast on for the mittens. Just a plain old boring mitten pattern, no pictures yet.

I've also been cross stitching up a storm, I have a bunch of ornaments ready for finishing, I just need to get to jo-anns tomorrow to pick up some fabric and ribbon. I'll be posting pictures once they're done.

I've also finished my grandmother's pillowcase, but it needs to be washed and pressed before I can take any good pictures.


TURBOchic said...

The merino/tencel looks like is spun up really evenly. Love the color. Good job.

Susan said...

Your spinning is just lovely!

Monika said...

Both finished yarns look fabulous!

sheep#100 said...

Great on the merino/tencel!

HistoryGhoul said...

These are so beautiful & I'm in complete awe *kow tow's at your feet*

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