Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holy crap, two more months between posts?

It's ok, I have a good excuse, and some FOs!

First the FOs:

Remember the evergreen yarn I won from Lucia?

Well that became these:
billsevergreen socks blockers

Socks for Bill, I used Cat Bordhi's upstream construction modified by a lot of math to make it work better, and then threw in a simple knit purl pattern for interest.
billsevergreen socks fold

the next fo isn't quite as exciting, but I had read about the spiral, 9 stitch blanket and wanted to try it out, but I didn't really think I would have the gumption to knit an actual blanket, so I made a bathmat:
spiral bathmat

it came out pretty nice, but I didn't really like the pattern, I couldn't really get into the groove, there was too much stopping and turning. Maybe next time if I want to do it again I would make it more like 15 – 20 stitches.

as for why I haven't posted in about two months, you see... I've been too tired and sick to knit much let alone put together a post.
I hear that happens to a lot of pregnant women though, so don't worry, I am knitting, I have the baby poonam sweater on the needles right now, and am planning on making up a bunch of Oscar booties once we find out what the sex is. (Those who follow me on Ravelry may have noticed an explosion of baby pattern on my queue, there are so many cute little things to knit, and most of them easy and quick too!)

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