Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whew, marathon socks

Well, marathon sock knitting that is.

This is a commission knit for someone on Ravely, she needed two quick pairs of socks for her mom by the end of the month, and we worked out a deal.

plain ribbed socks pinkandblue

Plain old toe up short row heel two at once, plain 2x2 ribbed socks.
Knit with size 2 (2.75mm) needles and Bernat Sox yarn (pink camouflage and hippi hot)

The first pair only took about a week to do, but only because I neglected almost all the housework and laundry, and pretty much knit on them obsessively.

The second pair took a little over two week, with breaks to spin up some of the yummy wool I got at the Southern Adirondack fiber festival, and to actually do some housework. (my husband is thankfull)

In exchange of all this knitting she sent me some fiber:

wool in exchange for socks love spell

8 oz, hand dyed merino wool from CJ Kopec called "love spell" and it lives up to its name, I love it! I'm planning on spinning it up fine lace weight, and knitting a shawl from it.

1 comment:

sheep#100 said...

Wow, you really zoomed through those socks!

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