Monday, January 31, 2011


It's amazing how busy life can be with a toddler. Yep I said Toddler, TW is walking like crazy, and it's a full time job keeping up with him.

I've managed to squeeze in quite a bit of knitting and sewing during naps and while wearing him, but I never seem to be able to find a moment to sit down and write a blog post, when I have a free moment I usually would rather be relaxing and knitting rather than typing, but I'm making an effort to get a post our today since I have such a backlog of things to write about.

I finally got around to sewing the last buttons on TW's baby surprise jacked, which I finished months ago. Thankfully it still fins him, and will for a while; all I will need to do is lengthen the sleeves occasionally, which should be no problem since I still have some yarn leftover.

tommys green bsj finished 01-26-11 0

tommys green bsj finished 01-26-11 1

tommys green bsj finished 01-26-11 2

TW outgrew the hat his grandmother made him, so I had to make another.

tommys pixie 12-27-10 hat

Stella pixie hat
Lion brand wool ease
US Size 6 (4mm) needles

tommys pixie 12-27-10 1

tommys pixie 12-27-10 2

tommys pixie 12-27-10 3

The original pattern called for a normal cast on with a thin neck band sewn on later, but I wanted something that would cover his neck while we were out walking. I did a provisional cast on and then once the min hat was finished I picked up the bottom stitches, knit a few rows, then cast on 8 more stitches and joined it in the round and ribbed for 2 more inches. I threw in a few short rows along the front for a bit more coverage.

It works beautifully and is so stretchy that it will probably fit him next year too, and he looks so adorable!

goin walkies 01-01-11 pixie

I also knit TW a pair of socks, he was outgrowing his old socks, and they were all cotton anyways and I wanted him to have something warmer for the wintertime.

tommys stripey sox 12-27-10

It's just my usually sock patter sized way down. They keep his feet warm, but as little ones are known to do, he keeps pulling them off. I need to make some more, he's already beginning to outgrow them.

tommys stripey sox  on 12-27-10 2

tommys stripey sox  on 12-27-10 1

Besides things for The Boy I've also been making a few things for me and Bill,

First off I have been sewing some new project bags, my old ones were made way back when I first started sewing and weren't very well put together. It was getting time for some fresh new ones.

new project bags 01-30-11

the kitty bag on the left has socks waiting to be darned, the big red bag in the middle holds all my hand knit socks, and the purple bag on the right had my latest WIP

bayeriche start 01-30-11 1

bayeriche start 01-30-11 2

toe up bayerische
knitpicks essential (now stroll) in kettle dyed Jay
US size 1.5 (2.5mm) needles
although I think I'm probably just going to do my normal short row heel.

And finally on the spinning front, remember this?
fluffy jacob

I started spinning this Jacob fiber way back before TW was boon, and only just finally got the time to finish it up.

jacob handspun for bill 01-30-11 1

I plan on starting a pair of plain mittens for Bill out of it. The last two years he's only had his squirrel and oak mittens and he's been worried about ruining them, so he needs a plain 'working' pair of mittens

jacob handspun for bill 01-30-11 2



Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Your photos are adorable. I love the baby surprise jacket and the other projects. Isn't Wool-Ease the best stuff invented. -- Looks to me like you've found a way to get lots done !

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy! Great projects. That hat is adorable.
Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

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