Sunday, October 16, 2011

NY Sheep and Wool

Warning! Tons of pictures!

We just got back from the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. I didn't buy any yarn this year, but The Llama got to see a ton of his namesakes, and pet tons of sheep and goats.

It was a beautiful ride down (and back) but The Llama missed most of it because he fell asleep both ways.

rhinebeck 10-16-11 1

rhinebeck 10-16-11 2

We arrived just in time for the llama parade. We couldn’t really get close enough to pet any of them, but The Llama enjoyed pointing at them, and there was much squealing and giggling.

rhinebeck 10-16-11 3

After a break for a snack and some time to run around we headed over to the sheep barn. The Llama LOVED petting the sheep, and kept trying to rub his face against them (we have a cat and he has learned from her how to show affection) he was fascinated when they Baa-ed and kept baa-ing back.

rhinebeck 10-16-11 4

rhinebeck 10-16-11 5

rhinebeck 10-16-11 6

rhinebeck 10-16-11 7

rhinebeck 10-16-11 8

rhinebeck 10-16-11 9

rhinebeck 10-16-11 10

Then it was over to the goats. We started to watch an angora goat getting its first shearing, but it was a bit distressed and The Llama started to get upset so we moved on. The Llama enjoyed petting the goats too, but was startled when a few decided to ram at their neighbors. One nice lady let him feed her goats, which was really fun. After that he kept trying to give all the animals bits of hay.

rhinebeck 10-16-11 11

rhinebeck 10-16-11 12

rhinebeck 10-16-11 13

On our way out of the barn we spotted some mini sheep (Shetlands) and we had to stop and pet them too!

rhinebeck 10-16-11 14

After that we wandered around some more, went through the Llama barn (the Llamas weren't very sociable, so no pictures), tasted and bought some cheese, and sat down to eat another snack and have another run around, then it was time to head home. Now we are relaxing after a very fun filled day!

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