Thursday, November 22, 2012

Catch up part one

I'll be playing catch up in the next few posts, I'll try to keep in roughly chronological order, but no promises.

When last we saw knitting content from our intrepid hero there had been owlie mittens and toddler socks.

Since then I've made some crochet acorns:

crochet acorns

caps were found while out on one of our many hikes.
yarn is random sock scraps, tiny E hook
pattern from here
but modified to fit my much larger caps.

crochet acorns
06-02-11 figure

after the acorns I got ambitious and cast on for Haruni using some hand spun I had made long before our move.


the cat was not terribly helpful.

While I was knitting Haruni it got cold and TW grew out of his previous mittens, so I made him a new pair

yarn: Schaefer Yarn Company Lola (Superwash) in indigo

wearing blue
mittens 11-2-12 1

while the mittens were made LAST year, they didn't get worn until this year, this was the only picture I got before there were treated to the Toddler Special (mud puddles, leaves and carrying lots of sticks and pine cones) they are looking quite disheveled now.

Progress was made on Haruni:

progress 06-02-11

I started and finished a new pair of socks for Bill:

broken kp
2.25mm 40in needles

(yes, that's right, I managed to break another pair of needles, luckily Knit Picks is awesome and replaced them for me.)

bills green
socks done 2

bills green
socks done 1

Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Stroll in Ivy
pattern is roughly Cat Bordhi's Ridgeline expansion with a seed stitch accent.
On US 1 / 2.25mm needles, magic loop, two at once.

Haruni was finished, but then it took me almost a year to get around to blocking it:

haruni blocked

haruni blocked

(Ravelry link)
on US 3 / 3.25mm needles
using my hand spun Marino/Tencel from Stony Mountain Fibers (the yarn's Ravelry page is here)

that's enough for now. It's time to go watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade with my family.

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