Friday, January 18, 2013


Knitting moves slowly along.

There wasn't any Monday night knitting for a few weeks because of the holidays, and then because if Bill's work schedule getting in the way, I couldn't go the last few weeks, and the holidays also got in the way of Saturday knitting a bit, but I have been knitting a little: I'm about halfway through the trees on my sheep shawl:

purple sheep progress trees

and I'm on the fourth and final ball of blue for my hand spun blanket (no picture because it doesn't look much different.) once I finish that I'll cast on a few stitches and do a sideways knit border with the last two balls of white. I can't wait until I'm there, it will be fun to see exactly how big this blanket is.

I'm feeling a little miffed about knitting out though. Because the Monday knitting is so much earlier than when it was at Flavors a lot of people can't reliably make it, and the people at More Bread and Jam are (understandable, and rightfully) thinking of not staying open any longer for it. And Saturday knitting isn't really all that fun for me because all the ladies that go there already know each other from other things, which means I'm usually out of the loop on their conversations, when anybody shows up, that is, one day I was the only one there and while it was nice to have tome to just sit and knit, it was also kind of lonely. And then the last time I went the two other ladies who showed up sat off at another table and talk to each other and essentially ignored me the whole time. So I'm not even sure if I want to continue to go to that either.

Despite all the roadblocks to finding actual knitting time, I have been able to get a new pattern posted! It's and oldie but a goodie: I knit it a long time ago, but never really got around to formatting everything up properly until recently. It's been test knit a few times, and some errors were found, and I just the other day fixed it all up and you can now download the Arachen's Veil Shawl pattern!


have fun with it!

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