Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finishing a cross stitch bookmark

How to finish a cross stitch bookmark when not working with already prepared bookmark fabric:

no moon bookmark

Before you start stitching, be sure to cut your fabric with at least 9 extra squares on each side for finishing.

bookmark 1
blanket stitch

Stitch your bookmark pattern, then fold the sides to the back leaving 3-4 empty squares on either side of the stitching. Tack the edges down - you can use a blanket stitch like I did, or a simple running stitch, or any decorative stitch as long as it isn't too bulky.

bookmark 2

Flip the bookmark over and carefully trim the corners. Then pull out the horizontal threads to create a fringe. Be sure to leave at least three empty squares between the fringe and the stitching.

bookmark 3

bookmark 4

Wash and Iron your bookmark. Remember to keep the bookmark face down so that you do not crush the stitches.

bookmark 5

Carefully glue a piece of felt over the back of the bookmark to protect the back of your stitching.

Enjoy your new bookmark!!

no moon bookmark

(Cross stitch chart for this bookmark is available here)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips! What kind of glue do you use?

Anonymous said...

Essa bacia contém que líquido?

Anonymous said...

👍for the good idea of making neat finished bookmarks

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