Wednesday, May 09, 2007

is it autumn yet?

Well, my legs and back have definitely had enough of the summer already.
Yoga is helping, and once I get used to it, my body will get back in the groove and I'll have more energy.

So how is everything on the kitting front?

I haven't had much energy or time.

Remember the Regia socks?
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I went back to them; plain Jane knitting seems to be all I can handle after work most days.

The first week of May was mostly just cleaning the winters dust off of everything, and I had started another pair of socks.
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These for my cousin, Tasha.
Hopefully I'll finish them before the summers over. I'm planning on making them thigh highs, I think the pattern will look cute; she has skinny little stick legs, and likes to wear short skirts a lot.

I want to knit some lace.

I know, I just said I hand no energy or concentration, and now I want to pick up something fiendishly complicated on tiny little needles?
What can I say, I'm nutz.

I really think I'm addicted to lace, that and like I said, once I get used to the work I should be able to cope better, I mean, I did manage to knit two lace shawls last summer too.
I'm thinking either this:
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(feather and fan, by Eugen Beugler from A Gathering of Lace another picture here or here)

or this:
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Rose of England table cloth from Marion Kinzel's Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting

I haven't decided yet which one I want to do, perhaps both.


Kelley said...

Oh, I've been eyeing that feather and fan shawl too. I just love it!

Monika said...

Good luck to you! Hope you get all your projects done. Your cousins socks look lovely and both lace shawls are wonderful. Have lots of fun!

Abigail said...

Can you please tell me where to find the pattern for the socks? They are just lovely. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am with Abigail, love "Tasha's" socks and also hope you will tell us more about the pattern!

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