Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bunnies, Bunnies, it must be BUNNIES!*

I've been up to a lot lately, nut for some reason not up to posting, but I've finally getting all my thoughts in order so prepare for a bunch of posts.

First up? BUNNIES!


I've knit a few more bunnies from this pattern I really like it and think the product is absolutely adorable.

One of my friends just had a baby and I think I'll send one to her.


The first one is from some random Lion Bouclé that was given to me from a lady at knit night. she didn't like it and wanted to get rid of it, and al I could think of was a bunny. I lost my pattern about half way through so I fudged it. and you can kind of tell, it's head is a little too small. Ah well.


The next one is a bunny I started a while ago but ran out of yarn just as I was starting it's second ear. I had a heck of a time finding the matching yarn for it, but I finally found some that was 'close enough' while I was wandering around Jo–Anns the other day.

I think the off colour ear give him a kind of charm, don't you think?

*bonus points of you can name where iI got the title from


Nope said...

Is the second bunny made from Lion Brand Homespun? The colorway exactly matches some that I've got.

Anonymous said...

The title wouldn't be from Anya's hard rock solo in Buffy ep. 'Once More, With Feeling' would it?

I love these bunnies! I'm currently knitting one up for a colleague who's expecting, out of some old Rowan Soft Baby (doubled) that was languishing away in our stock room, unwanted and unloved. I keep getting asked to bring copies of the pattern in for other coworkers.

Abigail said...

jenny -
no it's LB jiffy. but i bet it would look really nice in homespun.

sara -
hehe, that is one of our favorite episodes.
i really like the pattern too, it's so simple, and the results are so cute.

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