Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A tale of two uteri

One upon a time there was a nice uterus, belonging to a very nice woman. This uterus lived many happy normal years, and even gave birth to two very smart and handsome boys. One of which grew up to be a very smart and handsome man, who got married to a very nice girl who liked to knit.

Then one day that uterus got sick. A cancerous tumor had grown on the poor uterus's endometrial wall. This made the uterus sad. The doctors said that the uterus had lived a nice long life, but now it was time for it to go. That made the woman and her family very sad, but glad that the cancer had not gone any further.

The woman's daughter in law felt bad for the woman, who would surely miss her uterus. So she knit her a new, non-cancerous, and much cuddlier one, to keep her company in the hospital. And everybody was happy.


(knitty's Womb
size US 8 needles, Red Heart pound of love, double stranded.)


TURBOchic said...

Very sweet. I bet the recipient never saw it coming-a replacement uterus that is.

Anonymous said...

A dear friend knitted one of these for me last year when I went into hospital for a hysterectomy. She felt that I would now need a spare as mine had been taken out. It still makes me laugh when I see it.

Anonymous said...

THAT is fantastic. This may be quite forward of me, a stranger, so please forgive me, but...is there anyway I could use that photo as an avatar for my blog about gynecology and obstetrics? (http://findeve.wordpress.com/) I would absolutely give credit!

sjbodell at gmail.com
PS: I'm passing your blog along to my knitting friends. You are great. My unfortunate soul is no good at it. I'm really a crocheter.

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