Monday, March 22, 2010

Wrap up

I finished the red sparkly wrap!

semi FWCC DIY Red 03-12-10 2

Its 30 inches wide by 3.5 yards long. And we love it! So far we've only used it for a couple of different hip caries, the photo above is a Semi Front Cross Carry but it was a bit fussy, so we switched to a Coolest Hip Cross Carry (vid) and like that one much better (the look similar because it's the same general wrapping technique, the only difference is how the baby sits in it)

CHCC 03-15-10 1

We also tried a Short Front Cross Carry, but nether of us found it terribly comfortable (I think our wrap might have been bit too short), so I think we will be sticking to the hip carry for now, and TW really likes being able to look around more. Maybe in a little while I'll try the Kangaroo Carry(vid) and see how we like that.

When TW is a bit bigger this wrap will be long enough for us to try a handful of back carries too.

But I haven't finished he teal wrap yet, that one is longer so I'm kind of dreading the hemming process, specifically the ironing, but really that's all that's left to do, as it is all trimmed and ready. And it will be handy for a wider variety of carries.

I also finished a few more pocket squares for Bill:

more pocket squares

The weather has been so nice lately that we've gone for several walks, it's been lovely! But it's been very bright too, after our first walk I grabbed some gingham out of my stash and whipped up this quick and dirty hat:

gingham hat 03-22-10 back

gingham hat 03-22-10 front 1

Seriously quick and dirty, I think it took me about 15 - 20 minutes total, because I wanted to be able to use it that afternoon. The edges of the brim aren't finished, and it's a bit uneven, but when we took our walk we got several compliments on TW's cuteness. So it can't be that bad.

gingham hat 03-22-10 front 2

gingham hat 03-22-10 front 3
After out first walk where the ha nearly got blown off by the wind I grabbed some bias tape I had already made up and put together another tether to pin to it so we wouldn't loose it in a sudden gust of wind. (sheer luck that the bias tape I had on had was a matching fabric!)

gingham hat 03-22-10 2

When we were in Jo-Ann's the other day to pick up some more suspender clips for paci/toy tethers we kinda both fell down in the fat quarter aisle:

lotsa fat quarters 03-22-10

The pile on the left are some I like for Mei Tai panels, and the pile on the right are some Bill grabbed for pocket squares. Its ok, they were on sale...
(I see a lot of ironing and sewing in my future!)

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