Friday, April 16, 2010

sew sparkly and crinkly and a cutle little dog too

Teal sparkly wrap is done!

sparkly teal torso 04-09-10 1

I can now carry TW in a wide number of ways, it's awesome and oh, so cuddly!

I've also finished hemming the new panels for the Mei Tai, but I haven't put the Velcro on yet, so no pictures. The pocket squares are trimmed, but still awaiting pressing and hemming.

My most recent projects have been some embroidery and crinkly things.


Cthulhu Fhtagn

(right after this picture was taken we had a poo blowout :( )
DMC#s: 895 & 3346

And a cute little doggie!

embroidered doggie onesie


wearing his embroidered doggie shirt 04-10-10 3

DMC#s: 433, 642, 776, 807, & 3346
And coloured in with crayons.
(you carefully colour in the parts you want making sure to get and even colour without applying too much wax, the put a piece of paper over the fabric and iron it. The wax and colour will melt into the fibers. Too much wax will make the fabric stiff, so you have to be careful.)

and some crinkly things.

crinkly thingsfront
crinkly things back

The blue and brown are soft flannel; the ribbons were scavenged from the packaging of many of the gifts we got at the baby shower.

I got the owl idea from here

The inside crinkly stuff are just the cleaned off wrappers from some cliff bars. Nice and crinkly.

Tommy likes them :)

crinkly tag play 04-15-10


Monica said...

I love crinkly things! I want a crinkly teether! LOL I need to come vissiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!

Abigail said...

Monica, yes you doooo!

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