Friday, June 11, 2010

stuff, and lots of it!

I said I was going to try to post more often; boy did I drop the ball on that one.

I've been crafting a lot, but I've also been super busy with the baby, ah well.

Anyways here is a giant post with everything I've been working on the last two months (oldest first):

Remember the cthulhu embroidered onesie? I finally colored it in.

embroidered onesies coloured cthulhu

And then made another embroidered onesie, this one with Godzilla:

embroidered onesies coloured godzilla

356, 433, 471, 666 (heh), 740, 815, 905, 3787


I made myself a new baby wrap, this one out of a tablecloth from Target; just cut down the middle and hem! Its 2.1m and perfect for the rebozo carry, which Tommy loves to fall asleep in.

siting with naping tommy 05-09-10 2


while wandering around Goodwill I saw these really interesting summer dresses, they were the kind that just tie around the neck which DO NOT work for my figure, my boobs are always too big to fit in the top, and I always look bad in dresses. But they were nice and long and had some great prints. So I grabbed a couple and cut the tops off and sewed in some elastic and voila! New skirts!

crappy dress to awesome skirt 4

BWCC 05-03-10 skirt

I got three different colours/prints, red/orange, yellow and blue, but for some reason this is the only one I took a picture of.


Baby blocks!!

denim blocks 2

Bill had these really nifty pj pants with rubber duckies on them that eventually wore out as pjs are wont to do, but I loved the print so I kept them. When we had Tommy I thought it would be awesome to make something for him out of them. My first thought was blocks! But since I had a limited supply of fabric I made a prototype first out of an old worn out pair of jeans. It's a good thing I did; the first block was HUGE! (5" squares) so I made the next one a bit smaller, and that worked out much better (3.5" squares)

denim blocks 1

Now to get off my butt and make the ducky ones.


Whenever we go anywhere I always sit in the back seat with Tommy to make sure he's entertained and happy. (driving anywhere with a screaming baby in the back seat is not fun) unfortunately, I didn't have a bag or anything back there to throw bits of trash into (up front we have a grocery bag hooked over the gearshift) so I made one!

the car trash bag from One Yard Wonders
made from leftover cotton/linen scraps from the baby wraps

car trash bag

so far it's working beautifully.


and last, but most definitely not least, a new purse/diaper bag!

new purse hang

new purse flat

new purse tied rucksack

it's a mash up between the toddler messenger bag from One Yard Wonders and the onbag

there's a little pocket on the front under the flap, and a bigger one inside:

new purse inside

and like the onbag it can be worn may different ways, I love it!
Since I made it slightly larger than the bag in the book (and made two straps) I used about 1 1/4 yards. I got 1 1/2 so I have a bit leftover which I may use to make a little zippered pouch to put all my little purse extras into so they don't get lost. (you know, note pad, pen, chapstick etc.)

I think if I do something like this again, the only things I would do differently would be to make it from a stiffer fabric (this one is quilting cotton), and make the back loops a bit smaller.


TURBOchic said...

YOu have been busy! I love the blocks. I bet those little ribbony bits make things a lot easier to hold onto. My little man loves the tags on things.

Lucia said...

Sheesh. I don't think I got anything done, much less all your great projects, until my kids were at least twelve.

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