Sunday, September 23, 2007

catch up

Well it has definitely been a tiring summer around here, thankfully there is only about two weeks of work left.

Progress on feather and fan is going well; I'm a little over half way finished. Although it has slowed down a bit as it has gotten too big to travel with, so it has become my stay at home project. Even that hasn't kept it safe though, somehow it has acquired a small red stain - I'm assuming raspberries - but I'm not sure how it got it, as the knitting is kept far away from the food. It's a good thing I plan on dying it once I'm finished.

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That and I was distracted for a few days be Ravely. :-/
I love being able to surf through patters and see other peoples projects with just a few clicks. It makes finding good projects so easy.

Including this:

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His Name is Alexander the Great Lion Washcloth.
Or Knitty's Grrr.
Bill saw the pattern while I was surfing around Ravely and thought it was cute, so I decided to make one for him. (He doesn’t want to use it, just keep it as a friend... my husband is a little weird sometimes)

It was actually quite fun, the loop stitches were a PITA at first, but once I got in to the grove of it, it was a fast and fun little knit.

I've also picked up the crochet pineapple doily I had started in the middle of last summer, but never finished, I had been hoping to submit it into he fair for judging, but didn't finish in time. It has become my new traveling project and I only have a few more rounds to go, I think it will definitely be submitted next summer.


Kelley said...

The shawl is looking gorgeous! What color are you planning on dying it?

TURBOchic said...

If that is the same pineapple doily that my Grandmother knits-don't show it to anyone. After we all saw hers, she had requests for about 15 more. It's a gorgeous pattern.

Abigail said...

kelly -
it's going to be either blue or purple, starting dark in the middle with the flower and slowly fading out towards the edges.

Jen -
i don't know, i have about 500
(actually, more I think) patterns for pineapple doilies at the moment, I'll have to post a picture soon, but i keep putting it off because crochet doilies look like crap until blocked, and it's gotten quite scuzzy from being carried around for over a year.

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I just received your stitch markers along with the yummy tea and card! Thanks! I posted on my blog and the SME blog also. Thanks again!

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