Friday, December 07, 2007

another tam

Gramma K's Fair Isle Tam

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after knitting and falling in love with my first beret, I decided my life would not be complete without several different types of tams and berets to wear. this is the first on my list.

this was an incredibly fun and easy knit, I had an awesome time making it and can't wait to wear it out! It was a little touch and go for the yarn. I used the grey leftover from knitting Bill's squirrel and oak mittens, (I had roughly 65 grams left after the mittens). The purple was a test skein I bought to swatch for a sweater I decided I didn't really want, so I started with slightly less than a full skein. I finished the hat with barely 10 grams left of the purple and only 15 grams left of grey. whew!

next on my list I think will be one of the Three Tams from Knitty
but first I need to get more yarn, and I definitely want to try it with the self striping Noro, I really like that look.


Me, Myself, and I said...

Have you seen the Christmas Lights beret-like cap in the Interweave Holiday knits? I hate the way tams look on me, but the colors that were chosen for that cap are fabulous, and that is a truely gorgeous beret/tam thing (I don't know the difference). I highly recommend them! I want to buy the exact yarns to make myself a DIFFERENT fair isle cap because I'm so enamored with the colors!

jenifleur said...

I really love the simplicity of that one. Like jenny m, I can't wear a tam but I really love seeing them on others. I bet the Noro is going to be gorgeous, too.

Kathleen Taylor said...

It looks beautiful!!!

Kathi (aka GrammaK)

Stephie said...

Your the bbest

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