Sunday, December 09, 2007

How to read

While knitting?

Ok everybody, I need opinions here.
I need something to keep my mind occupied while knitting, usually I would just go get an audio book, and those do rock, but sometimes the book I want to read isn't available on audio from my library system.

So I need other alternatives. I know at least one person who reads my blog does this already, and maybe there are more of you, so here's my question: how do you read a book while knitting?

Most of the books I would get from the library would be hardcover of course, but I have tons of paperbacks here at home waiting to be read too. It needs to be mobile, my knitting spot moves with the sunlight. It also needs to be easy to store for times when I have a good audio book or when company is coming over.

to sweeten the pot, lets make a contest out of it:
everybody who leaves a suggestion (along with their e-mail so I can get a hold of them if they win) will get their name put on a list, and in a couple of weeks I'll use a random number generator to pick a person from the list to win any item they choose from my etsy store


Anonymous said...

A. Ask your fabulous best friend to either set you up with an account or with her account number so you can download audio books from her library's site (

B. Sit cross-legged and stop knitting whenever you need to turn the page (A pain yes, but ah well) Works best with large books like comic strip books and graphic novels

C. Get a music stand like Sis's that holds the book open (though I don't know if they would work with smaller/thicker books like mass-market paperbacks)

Sue said...

I have a friend that swears by her Thai Book Rest (see it here: for reading hardcovers while knitting. Nice, pretty, comfortable, but pricey. I myself sometimes use a BookGem, (, and it works on hardcover and paperbacks.

Small paperbacks are more of a pain to read while knitting, since I have to turn the page so often.

sheep#100 said...

I put my cookbook holder on the couch/table and I'm good to go. It is a little wire thingy that folds itself up nicely. Works for hardcover books best but also works for trade paperbacks from the library that have been not so gently used.

Looks sort of like this.

jenifleur said...

I just hold the book open on my lap and knit above it. For books that don't stay open, I've been wanting a bookweight like this, but have not bought one yet. I admit that I typically read magazine articles while knitting because the magazine stays open easier and the content is less likely to require my full attention or absorb me completely, distracting me from the knitting. When I do read books, smaller paperbacks are just difficult to maneuver so I stick to larger books.

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