Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doily head

I recently met a very nice woman online who goes by the handle "doilyhead" we both share an interest in lace, and she has done a lot of work inquiring about copyright and public use of old patterns. Hopefully you will be seeing some of her projects appearing here as I test knit for her. You can see some of what she has done at her flicker page here

One of the fun things she has done in her spare time has been to convert old doily patterns into berets, this inspired me.

So I decided to try my hand at it:


I call her the Star of the County Down after a song by one of my favorite bands, Emerald Rose.

The lace pattern is not directly from any one doily, but more my take on a common theme that I have seen in many doily patterns. The results aren't nearly as spectacular as what Doilyhead had come up with, but I'm pretty happy.


I am offering up the pattern for free, but, you won't find it here.
I have become so smitten with Ravelry, and I think it has a lot to offer even to the casual knitter. There is still a waiting list to join, but it is moving very quickly now, and they plan to go public very soon. They have recently offered PDF hosting and downloading of free patterns available to all users, and this is where you'll find my pattern. The pattern page is here. enjoy


Anonymous said...

It's me, the "doilyhead". Am so glad to see someone inspired by the idea. I'm not the first one to have the idea (someone sent me a published leaflet with other doily berets, am too brain fogged right now to come up with the specs, except to say it's out of print), but hope to see lots more efforts by the lace knitting community. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

Museclio said...

Cute Tam. FWIW Star of the County Down was written by Cathal Garvey, to a traditional tune.

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