Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gimp knits

Despite a bum arm I still managed to get quite a bit done these last couple of weeks.

I finished my online striped socks Monday:

On Line sock yarn in "tropic"
Size 1.5 (2.5mm) knit picks 40" circs
My usual boring old, toe up two at once magic loop pattern.

You can still see quite a bit of swelling in my right ankle in that picture.
(pssst, don't tell the doctor I took of the air cast to take the picture and was walking around without it, my leg gets itchy after a while)

I'm also thiiis close from finishing feather and fan!
(no pictures, because sadly it doesn't really look much different than last time)
I only have one patterned row and five plain knit rounds to go before I can start the crochet chain edging/bind off. (we won't mention the fact that each row contains roughly 1290 stitches...)

Also with feather and fan, it somehow managed to acquire a raspberry stain during its stay in the wip basket, so I was planning on dying it to hide the stain.

I'm thinking a turquoise blue, or deep sky blue or maybe bluish purple. (I'm going through a 'blue' phase)

That plan plus the plan of expanding my etsy shop as well as some other exciting news I have, culminated in my splurging on a ton of dying supplies. I have a big plastic bin filled with the assorted ephemera of yarn dying and the color theory and yarn dying books all read, and I'm just about ready to jump in!

I'm very excited.

Bill's aunt (who we rent our apartment from) has a small summer cottage down by the water, but isn't renting it out much this summer because she hasn't felt up to cleaning and upkeep. And she told me I could use it for my own personal dye studio. How cool is that!?

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Kelley said...

I love those socks! And, really, the coolest things about them is that the stripes don't match up. (I'll have to remember that for future stripey sock projects . . .)

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