Thursday, October 16, 2008

meetup stuff

It occurs to me that while there is no blogger bingo this year at Rhinebeck, there will still be a ravely/blogger meetup type thing. And if you would like to say hi to me, you may want to know how to identify me!

so to help you all out, I will be carrying this,
which I hope to fill with plenty of yarn and fiber and other such goodness:
peiced bag

and so that this post isn't completely about Rhinebeck, yes, I did sew the tote.
I had a bunch of scraps and stuff left over from making sachets, and I had wanted to make a nice large bag for a while, so I decided to try out an idea and see if it would work.

and it did! although I do have to admit the sewing is not completely perfect.

the pattern is mostly my own, but a lot of the ideas came from various sources throughout the web. there is a plain muslin lining, but even with the lining it is a bit flimsy. I want to make more, and I think I will look for thicker fabrics, or possibly denim for the next try to give it a little more body.

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