Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rhinebeck part three: FOs and WIPs

I've been a bit remiss in my blogging duties; objects have been begun and finished with nary a peep from me, let alone a picture. But I intend to fix that today.

Let's start with the spinning first shall we?

You may recognize this as the swamp gas I was spinning for socks a while ago.
I finally got it all spun up and plied. It's just been waiting for me to finish my current sock WIP.
postrhinebeckfowips swampgashandspun

while I was waiting I started anther spindle project: this is the tie dyed flowers roving I dyed up. I only had 3 ounces though, so I spun up one ounce, and plied it with some wooly nylon along with one ounce of undyed singled from the same base roving. I intend to use that for the toes and heels. The other I spun up and plied as normal.
postrhinebeckfowips tyedyedflowershandspun
I'm really happy with the way this yarn turned out, and I can't wait to see how it looks knit up!

As for wheel spun, I have this:
postrhinebeckfowips bluegreenhandspun

4.5 ounces of merino/mohair/alpaca from all strings considered that I talked about yesterday. This stuff was a DREAM to work with. I hope to make a pair of mittens from it. I got over 230 yards of worsted weight, so I should have plenty.

postrhinebeckfowips bluegreenhandspundesktop

but that's not all, I've also been knitting!

The most recent FO is this hat:

Knit with my own handspun even.
I carded up three bats, one with mostly white, one with about 1/2 & 1/2 and one with mostly blue, and then split them into quarters and spun each little section one after the other to make the yarn. which I totally forgot to take any pictures of, because I was just that excited.

postrhinebeckfowips handspunhat

handspun yarn, worsted weight, less than 100 yards.
Pattern: Asminah's Hat

Mods: I knit ribbing instead of the crochet edging, the original pattern used a flat version of the stitch pattern, and that left a weird unpatterned ridge at the back, so I altered it to work better in the round. This also let me cast on a few more stitches to make a better fit. I ended up knitting three repeats of the lace pattern. And then completely changed the top decreases to look nicer.

Last week a friend of mine from work went into the hospital for surgery. Before she left she jokingly asked me to buy some yarn at Rhinebeck and knit her a sock. (just one) when I saw the little mini sock blocker I knew it had to be, and I got it right away. This is the result.
postrhinebeckfowips minisock

I mailed it off on Tuesday, and I hope she gets it soon, and that it makes her smile. She's and awesome woman.

Speaking of socks, for the October sock for the SAM kal I was hoping to finish a pair of Coriolis. But so many things have been popping up that I just haven't worked on them enough:
postrhinebeckfowips unfinished coriolus

In order to still get my monthly socks in I dug out the single practice socks I made while learning Cat Bordhi's new architectures and knit them mates.
The green are little sky, and the blue are little coriolis.
postrhinebeckfowips minicoriolus

postrhinebeckfowips miniskye


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The colours of your yarns are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for pretty pictures! Dad sent me the Museum's classes for the Month email, Teach ;-) I think he was extra excited, since he used to work there as an instructor too!

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