Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy kitty

Sorry about the lack of updates but it's been a bit busy around here lately.

I've been working on a big update on my shop.

New items include:

Lots of new sachets:

sachetsforsale october08 group

And some hand dyed tops and sock yarns:

hand dyed yarn and fiber

1. aquarius meriono top roll, 2. st lawernce sock yarn detail, 3. mermaids tale sock yarn deail, 4. asters merino top spiral, 5. rainbow candy Romney top spiral, 6. unicorn sock yarn detail

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I still have a bunch of yarn and fiber I need to dye up, but I needed to take a break. I'll probably work on them next week.

Also, this actually happened a while ago, but I forgot to mention. But a lot of my sachets and stitch markers are also now available over at Yarny Goodness you should totally go check it out; she has tons of cool items from a lot of really awesome and talented people.

I've also been spinning a lot. I'm finally gotten happy enough with my spinning that I'm trying for some sock yarn.


This is a hand dyed by me Romney top in "swam gas" (can you tell I wasn't very pleased with my first attempts?) it started out in life looking like this:

romneytop swampgas spiral

It spun up beautifully. I've plied up one skein worth. And I'm waiting until Wednesday weavers to ply the second skein on the wheel. There is just so much yardage, it would take me forever otherwise. Especially as I'm adding a lot of twist to make them nice and strong for socks. I'm really happy with it, even with all the extra twist I put in its still wicked soft, and it will only get softer when I wash and abuse the finished skeins.

Next up in my spinning queue is this:

tyedyedflowersromneyperendalesliver roll

Romney/Perendale sliver, I'm calling it "tie dyed flowers" both this and the swamp gas were my practice dying. I used Wilton's cake dyes to see if I could really dye fiber without turning it into a felted mess. As you can see it worked. :D

I have been knitting a little too, but I think that post will have to wait until another day. ;)


Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

The sachets are lovely, as is your dying. I love the colours in the unicorn sock yarn - very pretty

Cat Chit Ananda said...

Awesome blog you have heree

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