Monday, February 11, 2008

:: flail ::


Mondays are knit night here in Clayton, a bunch of women get together at a local cafe, and knit and chat etc.

tonight while we were all there a gentleman comes in orders a coffee and sits in a corner with his laptop.
I barely noticed him, he looked a bit scruffy, and a little familiar, but I figured he was just some local that I'd seen around town.

after he left, the owner of the cafe interrupted us.

you see... the scruffy guy? why he looked so familiar?


:: flails around like a silly fan girl ::

I swear to god, every single woman there freaked out, and then he came back!! luckily it was getting towards closing time, so we all had to leave or I think some of the women *cough*me*cough* may have exploded.

Dear Viggo, if you ever find this (or care) we really never would have bothered you and in fact were quite impressed that you did not run scared after seeing our band of motley and slightly raucous knitters.


Anonymous said...

I bet you would've tried to teach him to knit. That sounds about right. "Viggo, check out my sock!" Viggo, isn't this yarn beautiful?" "Viggo, have you ever contemplated doilies?"

(bah, I've decided to stick with Momo here)

TURBOchic said...

I would have had to fan myself as well. *giggles* You're a lucky one!

Windyridge said...

Wow how exciting!

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