Monday, February 25, 2008


I finally finished Tasha's socks!


They really weren't all that difficult. I had a few problems with sore joints, but that eventually went away.
My biggest problem was they just kept getting put aside for more mindless or interesting projects.
And I wasn't all the compelled to finish them, since they weren't for me (oh, doesn't that sound horrible!?)

Here is one modeled on my way too big for it foot:


Pattern is the scrolls pattern from more sensational knitted socks with extra plain rows between pattern rows. Yarn is knit Picks Essential on US size 1(2.25mm) Hiya Hiya's

I started another pair of socks at knit night tonight. But they are just going to be plain vanilla socks for mindless car knitting.

Oh yeah, and I also finished embroidering a T-shirt for Bill tonight.

the fabric was too dark to use my usual transfer pencil, so I just traced to design onto my stabilizer and ironed it onto the front of the shirt.
the lines aren't as neat as I would like, because I couldn't see exactly where my needle was going with he stabilizer sheet in the way, but overall I'm pretty happy.

pattern is from an old Workbasket, and also available on hoop love

Green is his favorite colour, and he likes mushrooms, it's great during the spring and fall he'll go out with his magnifying glass and identification book and spend hours just looking at strange types of fungus.

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