Sunday, February 03, 2008

*poke* ow *poke* ow *poke* bleed

I seem to be obsessed with embroidery.
it's so simple and the results are so pretty!

I have plans for a few pieces to make and then frame up for Christmas and mother's day presents. and I've got this wild hare to put some cute ones together in a small quilt type thing for my mom.

I may just be loosing it.
but to distract you, here have some pictures of what I've finished now:

a redwork Pegasus. I used my new washable blue tracing pencil for this guy, but it got dull before I got to the face, and it's too big to fit into a conventional pencil sharpener, so I lost a lot of face detail. also, the DMC 321 I was using bled all over. it's not as easy to see in the picture, but the fabric has a definite pink cast to it, and theres a few red splotches here and there too. I tried washing in cold water and rinsing a lot, and it helped a little, but not much.

one of the pieces I'm going to make into a quilt for mom.
it's spring themed i think, and this is the first one I finished. I used my heat transfer pencil for this one. much easer to see and stitch. but it doesn't wash out, so if I'm not perfectly careful you can see the lines.

so far so good, my technique is getting better and I'm having a lot of fun.

don't worry, I'm sure I'll run out of steam eventually, then it will be back to your regularly scheduled knit blogging.


Anonymous said...

I believe in class, we just used colored pencils to write on the fabric. You'd have to doublecheck with Lindsay in case I'm remembering wrong, but that would work well.

LouAnne said...

I like the idea of a very sharp colored pencil; will have to think on that since I have used a fine mechanical pencil forever. I love the flowers and on the pegasus's face or other future things with fine detail, you should switch to just one strand of floss. That's what I generally teach my students. Another way to do details is by switching to back stitch for them. I use outline stitch almost always and the switch to another stitch or one thread helps with details.

Jo said...

Wow, you do beautiful work, Abigail!!

Me, Myself, and I said...

Wait a sec, there's a pencil that you can use to put embroidery designs onto the material? I spent ages looking for embroidery projects (not cross stitch) that had patterns on them. I only ever found two and had to stop trying because I hate counting around on grids! Where do these pencils come from?

Abigail said...

louanne - going down to one thread is an excellent idea! thank you, I hadn't even though of that, i will have to remember for next time.

jenny - there are two types of transfer pencils, the ones that are essentialy colored pencils (machine washable) you put your design and simple trace it with the pencil. then there are heat transfer pencils, you trace your design on paper, then place it design side down on your fabric and iron it on. I got mine at Jo-Ann's fabric.

TURBOchic said...

You have way more patience than I.

sheep#100 said...

Love the unicorn.

Kelley said...

Those are so pretty! You have such a wide range of crafting ability. :-)

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