Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy v-day.

Bill was going to take me out to my favorite restaurant for valentines day today, but instead a giant Nor'easter decided to eat the state, making driving very yucky indeed.

So we stayed home, cuddled, I dyed yarn and he cooked me a delicious dinner.

The yarn:
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(Not the most flattering picture, I know, once it's dry I'll wind it up and take another picture so you can see how the colours interact.)

Knit picks superwash and nylon bare.
Once again using Wilton's food dyes.
Holy crap does the super wash suck up the colour!
It sucked it up so quickly in fact, that it wasn't able to penetrate through all the layers of yarn at the top of the containers I was using.
I was a little upset at first, but now, I actually kind of like the white at pastel bits.

I can't wait to knit with this! :D


Anonymous said...

Do you think that RIT dyes would work for dying wool yarn? I have some white yarn that I received as a gift and a ton of RIT dyes (got a shoebox full of 'em at a garage sale last summer).

My computer's acting wonky, so I won't be able to leave it up tonight with your blog up. Could you respond to ourika at livejournal dot come?

TURBOchic said...

Thanks for the encouragement, but let me know when a sock finally does explode! That might be interesting!

twellve said...

i found your blog looking for the modified drawpercentbar code for blogger beta.

however, the link on your site to the modified code forwarded me to a porn site. thought you might want to know!

Abigail said...

Oh dear!
Thank you for the heads up.

That use to go to a bloggers forum where people were talking about the progress bars.
They must have lapsed on their domain name payments.

I'll remove the link immediately.

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