Sunday, February 11, 2007

I've been a bad girl

So I uh, haven't really been working on the shawl much.

See, I think I'm addicted to socks.

I joined the sock a month KAL because I enjoy making socks and hell if I can get entered to win a prize every time I make a pair, more the better! (And it's really fun and inspiring to see everybody else's socks as well.)

When I joined I already had the Regia socks, and then I started the cable socks.
But then the other day I dyed some sock yarn, and it came out so pretty I just HAD to start another pair from that. And then I was *so close* to the heels on the cable socks I couldn't stop!

The evidence:

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The green is pretty spot on, but in real life the blue is more... blue and less cyan. I used Wilton food dyes, I would love to use real acid dyes, but that whole needing to buy a whole new set of pots and utensil just wouldn't work right now. (btw, doesn't that photo look neat, sometimes I surprise myself with really good pictures, normally I suck at taking good pictures, see the purple socks below.)

The yarn is 100% wool, so I knit in a length of sewing thread at the toes and will do it again at the heels to give it more strength.
(After I had started I read somewhere that using sewing thread is bad, and I should get some Wooly Nylon. I hope these socks hold up, I love the way the colours are working.)

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These are going surprisingly quick for cables. I decided to try an eye of the partridge heel and am going to extend it up for another cable repeat before doing the cable pattern all around the ankle.

Now it's February 11 and I have 17 days to finish one of these pairs for the KAL. And I really should get back to the shawl, as I'm very close to done on that, and I want to get started on my wedding veil shawl soon.


kat said...

its always so hard to get back to something you should be working on when you are doing something you like isn't it?

kat said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the flecks in that purple! That's my favorite kind of dye. The dyed sock yarn is so pretty, too.

I'm learning that I really like sock making, too :-)

Jo said...

Hey Abigail... I've been thinking about joining that KAL too.

Your yarn turned out lovely and I really like your cable socks. They're turning out great.

Abigail said...

Kat --
It's true. But the shawl is really quite a bit of fun too... it's just... grey.
And it's cold out side and white and grey and I want COLOUR!

Ourika –
Thanks! I have fun dying my own, and I get the colours I want (sometimes) and I don't have to pay a fortune for it. And socks are so fun, I love them, they are small, portable, and you can do so much with them patterning wise!

Jo –
Thanks, I'm enjoying the cabled socks too; I like cabling, especially since I learned how to do it without a cable needle.
Oh, and do join the KAL! It's really a lot of fun to see everybody's finished socks it's very inspirational, and even if you only finish on pair of socks you get entered into the drawing at the end of the 6 months.

Anonymous said...

The dyed yarn looks lovely!

I want to get into dying my own yarns, but at the moment it's just not feasible. No room or storage space (yet) for all the paraphernalia.

Anonymous said...

How very beautiful the yarn you did is, I totally adore this colourway! And your cable socks look fantastic too - looking forward to seeing more of your socks!

Abigail said...

Sara –
I really want to play with acid dyes, but like you, no room or funds for the extra stuff.
Maybe someday.

Dipsy –
Thank you! :D
Yarn dying is fun, and the socks are coming along beautifully, I really love working on socks.

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