Thursday, October 25, 2007

Itching for some socks.

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Those are all the socks I knit last winter.
Not bad, but I haven't knit any socks all summer, and I'm getting twitch for some more.

But I won't let myself until I finish more of what I'm already working on.

I'm still plugging away at Bill's Squirrel and Oak mittens
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Actually more has been knit since that picture was taken, but not much, must get moving!

But, I'm making good progress; I finished the blue butterfly doily:
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Now all I have to do is block it.

This was definitely a learning experience, the big lesson? LOOSEN UP! My starting chain was way too tight; I gave myself eyestrain and a tension headache working that first row. And working into the chains to fill in blocks was horrific until I finally began to loosen up when I was working. Also my TR's were too long, and the parts where I increased a filled block at the end of a row are all wavy because they are looser than the rest of the piece. I'm hoping a good blocking will work a lot of those imperfections out, but I know it won't fix the part where I accidentally spanned two blocks while making one, and then instead of ripping back I just increase two from one in a subsequent row. I know, sucky but it's just practice, and there were so many problems anyways. It'll still get use in my home.

I've started working on the crochet snowflakes for the cards this year, I want to get some more of those made and maybe a few rows done on the feather and fan shawl before I start any new projects.

We'll see how well I hold out ;)

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