Thursday, October 04, 2007

Caught up

Only one more day left to work, and I will have more time to knit and write about knitting.
(And I can't forget Rhinebeck!)

Not much has changed between last post and this.
The shawl has gone on a slight hold, I'm finding it difficult for me to concentrate, and I think I need to get back into a really good audio book or something.
The doily has gone on hold as well, I found a mistake and had to rip out a round and a half to go fix it, and am now having trouble facing it and going back to redo all that I had done before.
Strangely my queue over on Ravely has been getting longer and longer...

I did crochet a grocery bad dispenser/holder thingy, although it's not all that spectacular:

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Pattern from here

I made a lot of changes to the pattern, mostly do to my ineptitude at crochet, but it does its job and doesn’t look like complete arse.

I've also been knitting a crap-ton of dishcloths.
Christmas is approaching, and my Grandmothers and Aunt have begun calling for more.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These are the only dishcloths they will use, and last time I mad any was two years ago when I was still going to school. (Knitting made the long boring lectures go by so much quicker) and they are in need of more, so I'm cranking out a bunch of these.

Perhaps once I make a few more I will be able to get myself to go back to the doily and shawl.

Socks? What socks?

Oh... yeah...
Tasha's socks are on hold too, I'm going to try and finish them by Christmas so I can give them to her but the needles are smaller than I usually use, and they hurt my ands, and I think the Sock a Month KAL I was in burnt me out on socks for a while.
Sad really as I do love knit socks.

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