Thursday, October 18, 2007

NYS&W blogger bingo


well, the final preparations for the trip to Rheinbeck are under way here at the Platypus nest.

we have started packing, and making lists and will be leaving Friday morning to head to Albany.

I have my knitting all queued up, we have driving snacks all procured, friends cell phone numbers entered into my phone and I'll be dying my hair tonight.

for those of you looking for me for blogger Bingo, I will be using a cane (pictured below) have waist length brown/red hair (henna rocks) and will be wearing a dark blue hoody, ether on, or wrapped around my waist. in tow will me my awesome Husband/Sherpa (I love you honey!) he wears glasses and has shoulder length blond hair.

also there will be an unofficial ravely/blogger bingo meet up in front of the Food building (building E) both days at noon.

the cane:
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

They may or may not be with me. I hope so, if they ARE adopting me ;-)

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