Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm moving right along with my projects lately, the butterfly washcloth is finished:

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I'll be including it in a home made spa package for my mother.

The other butterfly is coming along very nicely too!

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Just over half way, I've made a few mistakes, but that's ok, that's why I did a practice piece first. it still looks cool, and I can't wait until I can block it, I don't know where I'm going to put it yet, perhaps use it as a wall hanging.

Then if that weren't enough I've picked up the squirrel and oak mittens I started last spring for Bill.

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I had made a mistake and needed to tink back a little bit, but once I sat down to it I made pretty good progress. these will be my project for car knitting on the way to Rheinbeck.

Speaking of Rheinbeck; I received my Bingo card the other day!
I've already begun stalking checking out the blogs and bloggers on my card.

For those of you who have me on their cards, a description will be forthcoming, as soon as I decide what I'm going to wear.


Nana Sadie said...

Wow! LOVE the butterfly dishcloth (thanks for the link!), but your pretty crochet doily is amazing! Yes, they do look better blocked, but this one is gorgeous! Great job!!!

Woosh said...

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