Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas fiddle faddle

For Christmas this year the town where I live is letting certain groups decorate their own tree in the town square, a kind of way to promote the group and their activities, and the knitting group that I am in is one of the lucky decorators. So I've been looking up knit tree decorations and these are my first two, a tree and star from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac.

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I made a test tree that is hanging off my doorknob at the moment, Bill wouldn't give it up once I had hung it there, and I was unhappy with the way the trunk looked anyways, so I made another one and left it off and just picked up some stitches and knit down, I think it looks nicer.

I'm scouring the web now for more quick ideas the ornaments all have to be in by next Monday.

Perhaps some mini mittens and stockings. I'm thinking of also making a few more crochet snowflakes for it as well. Technically our group is for crocheters as well, and maybe seeing the snowflakes will bring more people to the meetings.

No pictures, because they aren't very pretty, but I'm working on some new slippers for Bill, I made him a pair of pocket book slippers last winter, but they were at a rather loose gauge, and he has worn them out quite well in our all carpeted apartment. This time I'm using a different pattern, and double stranding at a much tighter gauge. The pattern is a little odd though, and I had to fiddle with it to make a size that fits him, so they look really wierd, and not very pretty at all, but they are nice and toasty, and should last a bit longer than the old pair.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any free patterns for tree ornaments that you can pass along? I was planning on making a holiday stocking for TP's mom (she appreciated knit stuff) but never started it and have too many things to knit up. It looks like ornaments are smaller (and thus faster). Maybe I could knit them off and on over the year and have them ready for our holiday tree NEXT year, too. We've got a huge tree and almost no ornaments!

Abigail said...

This tree was in the Knitter's Almanac (it is in our library system, Clayton library actually, so you should be able to get it via inter-library loan: that book also has the basic pattern for a Pi shawl as well.

There are tons of free patterns for things on line like mini mittens or mini socks and mini stockings but I haven't seen anything like EZ's tree

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