Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I give thanks for my loving family, my awesome Fiancé and cuddly dog. I give thanks that I have the time to pursue what make me happy.

What makes me happy? Knitting:

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The Hedera look-alikes are doing well, I'm three and a half repeats into the foot, and I've already memorized the pattern and having great fun with it, and they fit me perfectly so far.


Yeah, they aren't supposed to fit me, they are supposed to fit my cousin, who has a much smaller foot. I screwed up my calculations somewhere, so they are now mine, and I'll have to start another pair for Tasha. Probably a different pattern, as much as I like this pattern, I don't think I could knit it twice in a row.

I've also discovered that I can't knit these in the car, I have to pay too much attention to the small stitches while working the lace pattern, and I make myself carsick.

So I started this for the car ride to my parents today and back:

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It will eventually be much longer, felted down and stuffed with kitty litter.
That’s right it's a 'Door Floor Sweater' or draft blocker. It's the monthly project for my knitting group, and it's nice mindless knitting until it's long enough.
(Well, not too mindless, or I might go crazy, I'm throwing in the Fibonacci sequence to liven it up)

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