Saturday, November 04, 2006

In honor of the sleet we got this afternoon


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These are nice little guys, snowflake #21 from 99 crochet snowflakes

Right now they are un-starched (and the ends aren’t woven in) but I'm waiting until I have a few more done to make up a batch of starching solution. unblocked they come to about 2 1/2 inches, I fear even with some vicious stretching that they may not reach the full 3 1/4 inches the book claims. I guess I crochet a bit tight. I plan on slipping one of these into each card I give out for the holidays, something to make it a little more personal. I decided to go with all the same pattern for everybody so that next year I would be able to tell what everybody got, and won't accidentally give people duplicate flakes.

Also, a pi shawl:

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I made this a while ago and posted about it in my LJ, but I guess I forgot to repost it when I started this blog.

It’s a variant on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi shawl. I made it using worsted weight wool on US size 10 needles. I ran out of wool and couldn't obtain any more, so it came out to only about 5 feet in diameter, a little too small to make a really effective shawl for me, but with it's thickness it makes a perfect lap blanket, especially now when it's so chilly, and getting chillier.

Here's a better picture of it blocking:

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The outside lace pattern is straight form Knitter's Almanac, the middle pattern is a lyre pattern I found in one of my stitch encyclopedias, heavily modified to fit, and the middle is 'wheat', once again heavily modified from one of my stitch encyclopedias, the middle pattern really distorted the middle though, but luckily most of the problems blocked out, although you can still see the distortion little bit.

And finally, because I can...

Cayenne, my wonderfully cuddly American Eskimo doggie

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she says "I need cuddles"

guess I should go do that then...

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Anonymous said...

I love the pi shawls. I plan to create something one day like that :-)

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