Tuesday, March 11, 2008

in the bag

so besides reading my pile of new books, what have I been doing?


we like reusable grocery bags around here, and we needed a new one. I saw the denim on sale and thought it would be perfect. It came out better than I expected, but not perfect, my corners are horrible. I think next time I do something like this I'll choose a less fiddly pattern.

I also sewed up some more tea towels.

After I was done sewing I went back to embroidery, and embroidered a Hibiscus on the tote:


the pattern is from a huge batch of transfers I got from the thrift store while we were in Watertown on Wednesday. I'm slowly scanning them all in so that I can reuse and resize them as needed. And since I was scanning them in anyways, I'm putting them up on the Hoop Love flickr pool

after I finished embroidering the bag, I finished off a shirt I was working on for myself:

yes indeed, I does match Bill's Shirt, were weird like that.

oh yeah, and I embroidered this towel for my grandmother last week:

I'm going to give it to her for mother's day.
I'm getting better at my satin stitch, this pleases me.

the bag got washed today, and the fabric came out about 100 time better than before, and the flower just popped beautifully. the bag holds it shape nicely (but not perfectly, I think I want to add a piece of cardboard or something to give the bottom more structure.) and I wanted to take a full picture to really show how cool it looks, I'm very proud of how it turned out.



sheep#100 said...

With the pretty embroidery, no one will even think to look at any corners. And it is a grocery bag so it need only be sturdy!

Anonymous said...

I really, really like that embroidery on teh bag. Those colors just POP on the blue!

Drewzel said...

The bag looks fabulous! Love it!

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