Monday, March 26, 2007

Last knit night until autumn

Our local knit night only meets during the winter months, I live in a tourist town, so once the warmer weather starts everything gets really, really busy. Most of the women who attend work at or own businesses that go from nada to 100mph during the summer, so not many people have time to meet or knit.

I'm going to take the sheep shawl in to show off, and the wedding veil shawl to work on.

It's coming along quite nicely, I'm a little over 1/3 done so far, and I'm quite happy.

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Nope said...

Your shawl is really lovely!

PS: You know me by my LJ name, but I've got a bloglines account now. I live about 2 hours from you and have a lovely set of your stitch markers and a snowflake made by YOU! I'm keeping my two names separate :-) If these aren't enough hints to who I am, well, um, I don't know what to say...

Abigail said...

Hehe, yes I know who you are.
You'll have to give a link to your new blog, I would love to read it!

Kelley said...

The shawl is looking lovely. I'm eager to see how it turns out and how you plan on wearing it (like a shawl? . . . like a veil? . . .). Either way, it will be gorgeous and very special.

Anonymous said...

The wedding veil shawl is looking lovely! Your reversed hearts look 100x better; way to go!

Jo said...

Wow, the shawl is looking good!!!

Abigail said...

Thanks Jo!

Kelly –
Once it's blocked it should be light and airy enough to wear as a veil, I plan on folding the top 1.4 down and securing it to a headband to wear during the ceremony, then after the ceremony I can just take it off the headband and wear it as a shawl to my reception!

Sara –
Thanks, it's still not 100% perfect, but after a lot of thought I don't think 100% would be possible, so I'm happy with the way it's turning out.

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