Saturday, March 17, 2007

Look out man... She's got a QUILT!

Ok, so not really.
But ever since mom gave me her sewing machine I've been reading everything I can find about sewing, which includes quilt making.

And umm... I think I have a new hobby.
The sad thing about this is that, even though the sewing machine started it all, I'm happier hand piecing the quilt blocks rather than machine piecing because then I can sit in the living room with Bill and chat rather than close myself away in the bedroom with the sewing machine.

This is the beginning of my first ever quilt block, I've cut out all the pieces and marked them for hand sewing, and laid them out to get an eye for the design. I think I'm just going to make this block into a pillow cover.

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I've actually finished sewing together a bunch of the triangles since I took this picture. And I can't go much further, because, even though I'm mildly obsessed at the moment, I... umm... don’t have a iron, :: blush :: so I have to wait until Tuesday when I can borrow one from the Motel before I can piece any more bits.

(if anybody wants to know, the pattern is called "Ohio star" and i got it from here)

Do do do do do do do do (the twilight zone theme)
Whoa man, I just found out that today, that day I decide to begin my hand at quilting, is also NATIONAL QUILTING DAY! freaky.


Anonymous said...

My mother will love you forever.

Abigail said...

Speaking of your mother... do you think she would take a klutzy newbie (who only managed to stab herself twice! Yay!) Under her wing?

kat said...

wow, look at you go! that's a skill i want to learn down the line.

Abigail said...

It's not as hard as lit looks; it just requires a lot of patience.
And I'm enjoying myself :D

Yarngineer said...

You can buy one of those mini crafting irons, or a travel iron to use.

Abigail said...

That's what I plan on doing, but that requires a trip into town, and we only do that once a week, so I'll borrow one on Tuesday, and then buy on Friday when we are in town.

(Actually I'm more likely to just ask for one for my birthday, and wait until the end of the month.)

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