Saturday, March 31, 2007

Naga Socks!

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I really wanted to make the leg longer on these, but I have fat ankles and well... it gets a bit tight if I try making this pattern any longer. I suppose I could have gone up a needle size for the ankle, but by the time I realized the problem, I was quite a ways in, and I wanted a finished pair for the SAM3 kal.

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Pattern: Naga Socks, available here by mid April. [edit] pattern now available here
Yarn Knit Picks Peruvian fingering weight, bare, dyed with Wilton cake dyes.


Kelley said...

They look great! I'm looking forward to seeing the pattern.

Abigail said...

I don't know weather or not to be jealous, but some of my test knitter's socks look even better than mine!

Anonymous said...

Those look great -- can't wait for the pattern. :)

knitseashore said...

Your socks look great! Love the green!

Unknown said...

Beautiful socks & dye job too! How do you like how the yarn's holding up? I've been hording some to use for socks, but I've gotten only very iffy reports of how the yarn holds up, so I think I'll end up using the yarn for fair isle gloves or mittens...

Abigail said...

Sara & knitseashore
Thanks, I had fun with the pattern, and I am very please with how the colour turned out!

Anastacia –
The yarn is holding ok so far. but I haven't worn the socks very often yet either.
I wasn't quite as happy with it as I was with the knit picks essential, and it's a bit scratchy, and thinner too. But so far it's not too bad wear wise.
I carried a strand of sewing thread along the toes and wooly nylon along the heels, for extra reinforcement.

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