Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a small town girl

Tonight is another meeting of the Clayton Knitt-Witts.

And as I gather my things together I realize that it's time for another sheep shawl update!
I have made it to the village; you can just see the rooftops peeking over the horizon.
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I had a few rough spots in the orchard, mostly me forgetting to pay attention until I'm half a row away and have to tink back and fix my mistakes.
I'm about 44% finished with the shawl, and I just weighed my skein of Zephyr and I'm only one oz in. This means I should have plenty of yarn left over!
Looking at it right now it looks a bit loose and sloppy to me, but when I stretch it out the patterns look much better; so while I'm not completely happy with it right now I think it will even out and look much nicer once I'm finished and can block it.
And once again because I don't believe in monogamy, I've started something else:
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It's a hat for my grandmother, she saw me knitting the gaiters and requested a winter hat for herself, and how can I refuse?
Also another project in the works!
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The yarn I ordered from Knit Picks arrived yesterday, which means I can finally start the squirrel and oak mittens for Bill!
My lace weight for the veil also arrived, but it is in giant hanks, I'm hoping I can wrangle Bills mother to help me wind it into more manageable balls while we are at the knitting thing, the store has a ball winder I can use that should make the job a cinch.


Anonymous said...

The yarn you bought for your grandma's hat is my new favorite bulky yarn. It's what I knit up the (not) red scarf project scarf with, and it was a nice knit in my hands while being more affordable than some of the other things I knit with.

Good stuff :-)

kat said...

oh i love those mittens they are so cute.

Erica said...

Shawl looks great!

Hee, hee -- when I saw the title of your post, I thought "Just a small-town girl, livin' in a lonely world..." Oh, dear. Am I dating myself or WHAT?

Abigail said...

It's the only good quality wool my LYS/hardware store sells; everything else is acrylic, or novelty. (Although looks like last night they might be getting some good quality sock yarns too.)

Yeah, Bill's got a thing for oak trees and I thought the squirrel was quite cute! I can't wait to get working n them!

Took a midnight train going anywhere...
:D hehe
I had that song stuck in my head all night after I made the post. Bill is a big sucker for cheesy love songs from the 70'a and 80's, so I get to hear them all.

Leah said...

The shawl is coming along great ~ the Zephyr really doesn't come into its own till it's blocked so it'll look so great when you get finished and block it. WTG!!!!!!!!

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