Friday, January 05, 2007

Keeping my hands busy

Still waiting for the yarn to arrive.

So I made a cupcake.

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I got the pattern from here I made a few adjustments, mostly doing an increase round after the ribbing and doing a few more rows of plain stockinet before switching the frosting colour.

Remember how I said I was playing around with hand dying yarns?

Here's one I'm particularly proud of:

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I'm tentatively calling it "thoughts of spring"

Our knitting group meets again on the 8th and we're having a yarn exchange, and I think I'm going to take this skein.

Then there's this:

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I wanted to make Bill a scarf, but I was having trouble finding a stitch pattern that worked well with the heavy worsted single ply fuzzy Icelandic wool.

Then there was that little problem of not having enough.

But that's ok, because brioche rib looks perfect in the yarn, and it will make a wonderful neck gaiter that is even better than a scarf because he can fold it in half and just wear it around his beck or her can pull it up to cover his face too! And no long ends to trail and get caught in his coat or covered in grime!

I'm just going to keep knitting until I run out of yarn, the longer it is the easier for him to fold it over/higher over his face and neck her can pull it.


MJ said...

that hand dyed is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty colors hand dyed.

That scarf that you're making confuses me. It looks like a round tube. Does he lower it around his head? That looks PERFECT for TP. He wants a scarf that is just around his neck. It also looks perfect for wearing under a motorcycle jacket (my jacket's close fitting enough that it squishes my breasts - putting a scarf end on top of that is downright uncomfortable).

Abigail said...

Thank you Mj!

And Orika- Yean, It's called a 'gaiter' it's pretty much just a round tube, usually done in ribbing that can go over the head and then just around the neck. Then sometimes if you make them long enough it can be pulled up to cover the lower face, a lot like scarves are used for, but like you said no bulky annoying ends.

There's a pattern for something similar over at kitty that can also be turned into a hat,

all I did for mine was take a simple pattern for brioche rib, cast on 60 sts and went to town.

Anonymous said...

The hand-dyed is lovely, and I think that 'thoughts of spring' is a perfect name for it. So bright and cheerful.

Abigail said...

yeah, bright and cheerful is exactly what we need right now, it's been so rainy and dreary lately.

Windansea said...

Ooh, I've been knitting seamless cupcakes too - cool!! Lydia

Abigail said...

Aren't the cupcakes fun?!
I was so tickled by the details, like the ribbing to mirror the ridges left by those little paper liners!
I had a little trouble finding something to fit into the bottom, but ended up using one of the little scoops that Bill gets with his Whey protein.

kat said...

that's a great cupcake...i doing a bunchh right now for the LYS window from her pattern.

Abigail said...

Yeah, your blog is where I got the pattern link from, thanks for posting the pictures earlier, they were a great inspiration! :D

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