Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday Sky

It's been gray and cold and snowy all day.
Another boring Saturday sky.

But while Bill was taking Cayenne out this evening I was able to get this neat little pic.

...Yep, it's snow.

Le sigh.

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Taken at 7:40pm, on Saturday January 27, 2006, out the front door of the platypus nest.


MJ said...

That is a great pic!!

Jo said...

That's a pretty photo.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pic, thanks for sharing! We got our first snow this winter a couple of days ago, but most of it has already melted... well, we're in the Austrian Alps here, so this is definitely a novelty...;(

Abigail said...

Thank you :D

Dipsy d. –
We are covered in snow here!
You are welcome to some of it :p

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