Thursday, January 25, 2007

New addictions

I started listening to Lime and Violet the other day, I think I'm addicted.

With this shawl I have found myself getting bored of just knitting in silence, especially on the long plain knit rounds, and I needed something to occupy my mind. 9we don't have cable or any TV reception at all here at the Platypus Nest, our TV consists of Netflix movies every couple of days, and a trek out into the wilds next-door where were watch CSI and Criminal Minds on Wednesdays (or LOST when it finally comes back on.)

Anyways, a lot of people have suggested listening to audio books, so a couple of weeks ago I went to the library in Watertown and took out a CD set of old time radio shows to listen to. (I was a little overwhelmed by the audio book section, and that was the first interesting thing I saw, flashy case and all.) And I LOVED it, so I am definitely planning getting more things like that if I can. But in the mean time I needed more stuff to listen to, as I had eaten through six hours of shows in two and a half days.

So I surfed around the net for interesting podcasts I could download for instant gratification, and I found Lime and Violet! I don't have an i-pod or high speed connection, so I wait until Tuesdays when I can go to work with Bill and use the computer there, which has high speed. And then burn them on to CD to listen to at home.

I just finished episode five and I'm most definitely addicted, you wouldn't think that to sock yarn obsessed women sitting in a room talking about yarn and other knitting stuff for an hour would be interesting. But it's GREAT, I laugh so much and I find myself really wanting to go out and buy all sorts of sock yarn and knit all sorts of new patterns!

You all should totally go and listen to their podcast, they rock.

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