Sunday, January 07, 2007

Walkin' on Sunshine!

Last night while in the grip of horrible tension headache I got some great news, the Zephyr I ordered had arrived, and so had the 12mm split rings!

This morning feeling much better, I set to work, first to make a batch of stitch markers for tomorrow's knit night:
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Then to the shawl,
OMG! The Jaggerspun Zephyr is amazing, I sat myself down in my chair in my favorite sunbeam and set to casting on and I was amazed, this yarn positively GLOWS! The resulting fabric is so soft and squishy and delicious. It's a good thing I like Monica or I would so be keeping this shawl for myself. But since I do like her, I get to do something even better, once I finish this, I'm going to buy MORE Zephyr and make another shawl for me, mmmm...
Right now I'm about half way through the first repeat of chart 1B (Sunshine)
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I'm having trouble keeping my hands off it, I want to keep working, even though I know I have to finish Bill's gaiter sometime before the 20. (We're going to a winter fun days event at the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center up on Wellesley Island, and he'll need the extra warmth)


Nana Sadie said...

Looks yummy! And I know what you mean about Zephyr - will I ever want to knit with anything else?

Anonymous said...


I can't wait until I can get my paws on some Zephyr, but it's not in the budget just yet.

Abigail said...

KnitNana --
Thanks! it is divine, I whish I had the money to knit with it all the time!

Sara --
This was a special purchase, Monica is going to be my Maid of Honor and this is going to be her thank you gift, she has been such an awesome friend to me, I wish I could give her more.
(and I wish I could afford to knit with the Zephyr more often, it is totally worth the price!)

Anonymous said...


~guess who

Abigail said...

Hee! Howdy Momo!

kat said...

the shawl looks like a fun project!

Abigail said...

Kat, this shawl is a blast, I'm having so much fun!

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