Saturday, January 20, 2007

Preach it Sisters!

Stop insulting my grandmother and stop telling me knitters are stupid!

and while I'm at it...

Blogging Chutzpah

The Knitting Curmudgeon comes through again with an awesomely true and perfect post, she and her friend express perfectly how I've been feeling about the knitting industry for the last couple of years.


Anonymous said...

I think the main reason I love the newer books is the pictures. I love having a rough idea of what my projects will be looking like. Same with my cookbooks, I like knowing that the food is yummy looking. I know, it's shallow, but then again I'll probably never have the confidence to try my own patterns or recipes. Not because of the pictures or the books or any other reason than I know it would be very difficult and frustrating for me. So there ;-P

Anonymous said...

I didn't like everything the woman said, but overall, I agreed with her statements. I have friends who are awesome knitters who are astounded that I can knit in the round on DPNs (I admit it, I still haven't managed to get it to work on circs - I will eventually so don't laugh at me, please) because DPNs look scary.

I enjoyed the post. TP liked the comparison to "math is hard" because that's something he is constantly butting his head against.

I'm about to learn to knit with two strands so that I can do colorwork, and even though I've got a few projects that I really need to finish ASAP, I have this strong urge to call my friend who's planning on teaching me the process RIGHT NOW since I read that post!

kat said...

interesting stuff, I especailly thought the part about beginnng knitters only being allowed to do scarves was good...though her's isn't the ony store teaching people LYS certainly doesn't start with a scarf & the second series is knitting a sweater.

Abigail said...

Momo –
How do you know it would be difficult if you never try?
You're smart; I think you could figure it out.

Ourika –
Knitting with two strands isn't that hard, there are a bunch of tutorials out there if you can't wait for your friend. (hint: knit inside out, it helps to keep the stranding from getting to tight)

Kat –
My LYS is a department/hardware store where the owner just barely knows how to knit. They hold a knitting night every couple of weeks and the women there always infuriate me, there are too scared to learn anything. The owner still doesn't know how to purl, because she thinks it's 'hard' it drives me batty! They always look at me like some kind of knitting goddess because I am not afraid of a couple of sticks and some string and I actually have fun learning new things.

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