Sunday, November 04, 2007


Bill's socks are coming along nicely,
I picked these socks because I wanted to try out Cat Bordhi's toe up heel.

well when I did the math to accommodate for my completely different gauge and stitch count I came up against a problem, Cat has you starting the gusset after 60% doubling the sole stitches then doing a 2/3 short row heel over the middle half.

all fine and good but Bill's feet are 10 inches.
start the gusset at 6 + 3.5 inches it would take to finish the gusset + the 2 inches it would take to knit the shortrow heel turn = 11.5 inches.

I started the gusset like she said, but then panicked and started the heel turn and inch early.

once I finished I measured and by my math I should have had exactly 10 inch foot... but I didn't it was an inch short.

because I had forgotten that its was a short row HEEL TURN which means a good half of the short row length was TURNED and goes up the back of the ankle.


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I tried them on Bill and they still fit fine, the gusset gave the socks a little extra room width wise to be able to stretch length wise without constricting anything, so I'm going to keep going and finish the socks as is.
but at least I will know for next time.


Dan said...

Cool Sox!
They look warm too, and not overly bulky at all.

Abigail said...


wool socks rock for warmth. :D

and my knit socks don't usually come out too bulky unless I use a bulky yarn.

rebecca said...

Those look great. Eeep. I am reminded once again why I've been on a scarf kick. No complicated planning and calculations. I may have an advanced degree in physics but it's in audio, knitting pattens still completely intimidate me. I'll keep working on it, though. Thanks for sharing your work, it inspires me.

(I hope this comment will show up signed as rebecca and not "mean" which google has been stuck on as my name)

Happy NaBloPoMo!

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