Monday, November 26, 2007

Seven things meme

I got tagged for this via NaBloPoMo, but it's not really an official thing, so I'm not going to tag anybody else, especially since this had gone through most of the blogs I read already, if you want to do it, go ahead.

I wound's usually do a meme like this, but Bill did it a while ago on his blog too, and has been poking me to get around to do it as well. So I guess I really should now eh?

"Tell seven random or weird things about yourself"

1) I have flat feet and my leg bones are twisted so that my feet point out perpendicular to each other instead of straight ahead. I'm hard on my shoes in places most people aren't because of the way I walk, and it makes certain dance steps very dangerous. On the plus side I can really freak people out by turning my feet around to point behind me while standing.

2) I'm a classically trained vocalist and took piano and flute lessons for several years as a child. I held one of the highest reading levels in my class in high school and have two associates' degrees, one of them in Math/Science - one of the more difficult degrees and the one with the fewest women graduates at my college. Despite all this I work as a line cook at a seasonal restaurant and am unemployed for half of the year. But I am incredibly happy.

3) When I was very young, - either first or second grade - I threw a small wooden heart at my teacher, both making my parents proud, and upset at the same time. See, our class was decorating ornaments for Christmas time, girls were given little wooden hearts, and boy little wooden stars, and we were given paints, girls red, boys sparkly blue. Now I wanted to paint my heart sparkly blue, but the teacher wouldn't let me, because blue was a BOYS colour. This upset me greatly, and no matter how much I insisted that things like boy colours and girls colours were stupid, the teacher just would not let me paint my heart sparkly blue. So I got very, very angry and threw my heart at her. My parents were happy that I was standing up against stereotypical gender rolls and colours so young, they were not happy that I did it in such a fashion that ended up with me in the principles office.

4) I like cauliflower, could live off of broccoli, and fancy a brusselsprout or two now and again, my husband insists that this is very weird.

5) My husband and I met over the internet, we lived only a few miles away from each other, so we got together, dated, fell in loved and got married, and I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. When I was preparing for our first date, I was telling my mother about him, she was worried that he may be some kind of weirdo psycho killer. I told her not to worry; he was no weirder than I was. For some reason this did not reassure her.

6) I grew up with cats, and when I was a little girl, when one of the cats would die or run away my parents would tell me that they got a letter from them saying that they had fallen in love and run away to get married, and that they were very happy.

7) I love baking, I love making new types of pies and cakes and muffins, and all things sweet, and really bad for you. Unfortunately nearly all my family (on both mine and my husband's sides) are either diabetic or at very high risk of becoming diabetic.


Anonymous said...

#6 reminds me of how much I love your parents lol You should come over and we can eat bowls of steamed broccoli and cheese. Er, once my tummy lets me again.

Me, Myself, and I said...

2. Can you teach me how to be happy with that sort of thing? I've got a similar yet very different b ackground but can only be ok with it for short periods of time. The rest of the time, it makes me very unhappy. I am about to start a career as a civil servant as a receptionist, and it's killing me even though I know it's right and my husband is very proud (yes, I said that my PhD husband is proud that I've got a job that doesn't require more than a HS diploma).

3. I have two similar stories. They're cute. One was in 2nd grade and one was in 9th grade. My mom was highly amused at the 2nd grade one. My stepmother agreed with me on the 9th grade one but in one of the few good child rearing moves she ever made, she agreed that I was right but also convinced me to not be too stubborn about it and to give in after they agreed to let me "have the sparkly paint" (or in my case not wear a french braid).

4. Brussel sprouts are one of my f avorite veggies. I really adore them. T hey make m e so happy! I served them on Thursday. My sister ate one "for me" (although I told her it wasn't important). She said that she didn't hate it which proves to me that s he does NOT need all her veggies boiled until they're uneatable, but, whatever.

7. My dad's shifted into pre-diabetic. I get sick as hell if I have much sugar, but they keep testing me and my sugar's fine. It's very bizarre.

Abigail said...

Momo - mmmm broccoli, I prefer it smothered in butter actually, you can taste the broccoli more.. now cauliflower..THAT'S good with cheese, since theres not much flavor to begin with.

Jenny - (#2)it took me a while, my parent's still aren't happy, they keep asking when I'm going back to school.
(#3)I did stuff like that a lot, I refused to be pushed around, unfortunately I never really learned 'tact' or 'self restraint' so I often got in trouble.
(#4) Bill doesn't like Brussels sprouts so I haven't had any in a long time.
(#7) this is what non-diabetic friends are for. :D

Me, Myself, and I said...

Blogging is more widely done and known but LJ has a way better comment system set-up! I wonder why that is...

My dad is very happy with my new job and thinks it's a great step since it's in the civil servant system and "I'm smart, I'll rise fast!" It's more a problem of my being unable to accept it.

I don't get in much trouble anymore. I hang out with people whose beliefs are similar enough that there aren't issues anymore, and I keep my mouth shut unless there's a reason not to (for example, I just won't discuss politics at work but if someone where to turn around and say, "I won't vote for Hillary because no woman should ever be president," I'd have to ask if it was Hillary or Woman President that was the issue).

And just have brussel sprouts without Bill. Let him have something else - you'll get extra yummies that way (one more veggie in the meal can't be a bad thing) and brussel sprouts are insanely easy to cook (at least the way I prepare them).

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