Thursday, November 08, 2007


The newest member of our household!

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It is my pleasure to introduce you all to Miss Esmerelda Weatherwax!

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We went to the SPCA today and looked around, she was quite lovey, and insisted on climbing upon both mine and Bill's shoulders. They said she was used to dogs and small children, and was very calm and laid back.

It was a bit of a bumpy start at first, Cayenne got far too excited by the new kitty and got a little too close for Esme's comfort, which resulted in a scratch upon the nose. But after a while with Cayenne and the leash and time to explore Esme decided upon a safe spot, and Cayenne got used to the idea that she didn't need to constantly inspect the new cat. I eventually put a blanket down in Esme's safe spot so she would have something soft to lie on.

Lunch time was quite interesting, at the Shelter they only feed dry food, so we didn't know what Esme would like, and hadn't actually bought any wet food yet. We fed Cayenne first, we decided to give her the 'special food' it's this all natural stuff that comes in a tube like sausage, she loves it, and we thought it would bee a good treat for today. She sucked it right down, so Bill pulled out a small can of Mighty Dog that we had, and as soon as he popped open the can Esme appeared on the counter! Apparently she used to get wet food at her old home, and the sound of the food can was enough to make her brave the dog and make an appearance! We let her eat her fill (about half the can, Cayenne finished the rest.) and then filled up her dishes with the dry food we had gotten for her. We'll leave the dry out for her all the time, and make sure to get some wet food tomorrow for lunch times.

Right now Bill is doing homework and Cayenne is curled up next to him, he just reported that Esme is napping and purring happily.


Unknown said...

So cute! I guess that proves they don't forget what a can sounds like :)
Welcome to Miss Esmeralda~

sheep#100 said...

I miss being able to have a purring cat on my lap... :o(

TURBOchic said...

I approve. Every household needs a purring lap kitty. Looks like the best one there pickyou guys out. You must smell right ;)

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful kitty!

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