Monday, November 05, 2007

My husband is a geek.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all my UK friends!

I went to make a post today and stalled out.
I didn't know what to post about, progress on the socks is good, but that's about it besides a pattern for some baby mittens that won't meet their test knitters until tonight.

I mentioned this to my husband, his response?

"You could post about the average momentum of a particle trapped in an infinite one dimensional well."

*heavy sigh*
yeah, he's studying mathematics and physics for his degree.

knitting content tomorrow perhaps.


Kelley said...

Now that would have been a fascinating post. ahem! I'll hold out for some knitting content. :-)

I love those socks, BTW. I love the smooth look of short row heels and whatnot. I just haven't been brave enough to try anything but a top down heel flap yet.

Abigail said...

short row heels fit my feet way better than heel flaps, but my feet are flatter than pancakes.

my husband on the other hand has huge arches and needs a gusset and heel flap for proper fitting socks.

short rows are easy though, and quite fun once you get into it.
my favorite is the Encroachment or Sherman heel, very easy and never any holes!

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