Friday, November 23, 2007

Post thanksgiving fish?

I hope everybody had a good thanksgiving, ours didn't exactly go as planned, the freezing rain and snow conspired to keep us home.
So instead of dinner with family we stayed home, ate tofurkey sandwiches drank hard cranberry lemonade and watched Serenity.

And I knit fish.

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Yes fish.

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As you can see:

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Esme was quite happy by this.

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The pattern is my own, and I plan on selling the extras in my Etsy store

So, you know, no selling of products made from this design yada, yada.

Felted Catnip Fishies:


  • Small amount of worsted weight wool
  • Size 10 1/2 DPNs (or long circulars for magic loop)
  • Darning needle
  • Poly Fill
  • Catnip
  • Cat

CO 30 sts, join in the round, careful not to twist.

Knit 1 round

R 1: (K2tog, K11, SSK) x2
R 2: (& All even) K
R 3: (K2tog, K9, SSK) x2
R 5: (K2tog, K7, SSK) x2
R 7: (K2tog, K1) x6

R 9: (K1, M1, K4, M1, K1) x2
R 11: (K1, M1, K6, M1, K1) x2
R 13: (K1, M1, K8, M1, K1) x2
R 15: (K6, M1, K6) x2

R 16 – 18: K

R 19: (K11, K2tog) x2
R 21: (K4, K2tog) x4
R 23: (K3, K2tog) x4
R 25: (K2, K2tog) x4
R 26: (K2tog) x6

Break yarn, thread tail through remaining sts, felt, dry, stuff with poly fill and catnip, sew up tail, give to cat and enjoy!


Tish said...

Oh this is wonderful! I wanted to find something fun to say thank you to a friend for her help (and she, as she should, spoils her cats). This will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

This pattern is so fun to make! Thank you for writing such clear instructions...just made one for a friend's cat with self-patterning sock wool, and put jingle bells in before sewing it turned out so nicely, I am making another one! :-)

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