Sunday, December 17, 2006

A fetching pair

The fetching are done, and my hands are happy.

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It's strange, I never really thought than arm/hand warmers did much to keep you warn, but they actually do.

While my fingers aren't covered they do stay a bit warmer than if I had nothing, and the rest of my hand and wrists are nice and toasty, and that in and of itself seems to make me feel warmer overall.

A word on the knit picks swish superwash.

This pair took just over one ball, (I ran out with three hand rows and a thumb to go.) if had knit the wrist portion to the recommended length of 2 1/2 inches instead of adding an extra inch I probably could have done it with just one ball.

Also the first fetching is noticeably more worn looking than the second, and I see, just since wearing them last night and this morning that they are beginning to get a little pilly and ratty looking. Its not too bad, mostly on the palms, and I could probably fix them right up with my sweater stone, but I'm surprised at how quickly they got this way.

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Somebody mentioned to me the other day after I had started these that they were putting off making them because they were afraid of the 'thumb trick' (knitting waste yarn, putting it back, knitting again and them picking up the stitches later).

And that is such an easy little trick, and makes these mitts so easy and quick, and it seems such a pity to not make them just because of it, so I put together a tutorial while making me second fetching last night. I have to edit together, but I should have it up by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Tell them not to be afraid of thumbs! I'm a horrible knitter, and I could do it. I also read a neat little trick recently (one that I plan to do for future thumbs). It says to pick up X number of stitches, but sometimes X isn't enough to cover the hole that was left for the thumb. I'm just going to pick up as many stitches as are needed to make the thumb and then decrease down to the right number on the second thumb row. It apparently doesn't change the look of the thumb at all, but it means that you don't have to stitch over the hole later and get an uncomfortable "bunch" area at the base of the thumb!

Abigail said...

I hope she reads this, because they really are simple.
Wait until you see my little tutorial, the thumb trick is totally awesome, and it makes the picking up of stitches wicked easy.

kat said...

i think i need to make myself a pair of warmers for work since i am always cold. i wonder what yarn would hold up really well & not pill right away

Windansea said...

Nice tutorial - very clear and great pictures! Lydia

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